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Agricultural Fencing and Equestrian Fencing

With many types of agricultural fencing available we can offer you them all. Fences to ensure your animals remain safe and secure. In a range of machined and rough cut finishes in all sizes ready available to you.

With the correct tools and knowledge at hand we can offer fences comprising of wire only, metal only, timber and metal combined also wire fencing gaging in different gages depending on use.

Types of traditionally used agricultural fencing -

  • Barbed wire fencing
  • Ranch rail
  • Stock wire fencing
  • Half round post and rail fencing

Barbed wire fencing

Barbed wire fencing traditionally used to keep farmland animals within a certain area or field not the most attractive but functional in its own right. Often attached to machine rounded posts that are sunk into the ground at least two feet with inter straining post installed every few metres, concreted into the ground to ensure firmness and longevity and used to strain and tension the barbed wire for a flush finish.

Ranch rail

A most appealing type of fencing to use on agricultural land, easy on the eye, contouring with the ground it really does look at home in larges areas framing farmland. Ranging in many different heights and sizes we can offer you them all with a guarantee that you'll be pleased.

Traditionally constructed of post (4x4) sunk into the ground intervals of 6 feet and with at least two feet concreted in with 12ft rails (31/2x1/1/2) attached to create a charming fence that is aseptically pleasing.

Stock wire fencing

Galvanized wire field fences that are strong, durable & economical including Cattle, Pig, sheep, Forest and deer fencing. Wire fencing types 1-4 are coated with Galfan, highly corrosion resistant zinc and aluminium alloy - Laboratory tests have shown these to last twice as long as ordinary galvanized wires. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to deliver the best product for the job. We can supply all your wire fencing needs, when you need it, where you need it.

Traditionally attached to timber post concreted into the ground this is a highly versatile option in creating a boundary.