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Industrial or Commercial Fencing

A great way to secure a property with a little piece of mind added. Where security and safety is at the upmost importance this type of fencing is the solution. With the intention of securing your site but still with aesthetics in mind there are many types of solutions we can offer you. Solutions ranging from steel palisade, mesh panel fencing, chainlink fencing all types are highly secure, strong and ideal for creating lasting barriers.

Steel palisade

A great deterrent against crime and vandalism, it provides a formidable, strong, rigid barrier that looks great and adds a professional yet industrial look to any property.

Mesh Fencing

Not just associated with industrial sites but also schools, parks, public areas and play areas this type of fencing provides a barrier but at the same time does not create a visual one. A robust, strong solution yet pleasing to look at.

Chainlink Fencing

Widely used in commercial areas, manufactured from woven steel coated in pvc or uncoated and galvanised and available in my gauges. Recommended for use in public areas such as gardens, parks, children play areas, recreational grounds, tennis courts etc.