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Residential Fencing

Close Board Fencing

A popular choice among customers due to the versatility, the longevity and strength it has to offer whilst offering best value for money and with stylish lines that look great in any area it is installed.

We are sure you will agree that it looks fantastic whilst requiring little or no effort from you in the many years it is up. Traditionally all our ‘close board’ fences are constructed of post that are concreted at least 2 feet into the ground no matter what the size of the fence, rails attached to create the structure with a gravel board at the bottom, a stylish weather cap at the top and boards attached to finish it off. The end result is a strong stylish boundary fence with straight lines that flow with your garden.


Overtime a new close board fence will begin to fade into a greyish silver colour and adopt its final change in appearance. There are many ways in which you can paint a fence, spray, bush even a small roller and there are lots of colours to choose from which are normally best purchased from trade centres.

Panelled fencing

With all our panels handmade to order we can offer our customers a panel above the rest, hand finished for quality, durability and rigidity our panels really do stand out and pass the test of time. All sizes offered with only quality materials used.

Weather you are maintaining a boundary or creating a new one panelled fencing can offer a affordable neat solution to your situation. We can offer a wide range of styles to fit your needs and requirements. Traditionally our panelled fencing is constructed of posts concreted into the ground at least 2 feet with panels attached to create immaculate lines within your garden or area.


Traditional Panel sizes

  • (6x6)
  • (6x5)
  • (6x4)
  • (6x3)
  • (6x2)

Picket Fencing

A most decorative type of fencing, a great way to frame the outside of your home. Ranging in many sizes and designs we can offer you them all. Picket fencing or palisade fencing as its also known can be applied almost any where. It provides a highly practical yet unobtrusive barrier for keeping children and animals away from hazards such as ponds and swimming pools. It can be painted in traditional white or, you may choose a more lively colour scheme making it a focal point of your property.

We generally construct ours from the following materials:

  • 100mm (4") Posts (preferred) or 75mm (3") Posts - Concreted into the ground to a minimum depth of 600mm (2') and a maximum of 1.8 metres apart.
  • 75mmx25mm rails screwed to the posts.
  • 900mm (3') or 1200mm (4') pales nailed or screwed to the rails.
  • Post-caps - nailed to tops of posts to protect the end-grain from the weather.

Post and rail fencing

Post and rail fencing often used and associated with a type of agricultural fencing but highly versatile in its own right. An attractive way to establish a boundary this type of fencing can also be used in gardens, in fields, parks and equestrian sites. Often picked for its attractiveness post and rail fencing can be used as robust barriers framing your home or land. Installed correctly wire mesh or stock wire can also be applied to help create barriers for smaller animals such as dogs, chickens and or ducks etc.

Post and rails can come in many forms, machine rounded, square, natural all when installed correctly have an aesthetic appeal which can neatly follow the contours of the ground giving it an appealing look.

Construction is relatively simple. The posts are 'rammed' to a depth of 450-600mm and concreted in and a maximum of 1.8 metres apart. 2 or 3 half round rails are drilled (to prevent splitting) and nailed twice at each post. Various sizes of stock wire can then be attached.